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”We love telling stories so we thought it would only be fair to share our story with you before you share yours with us”

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Our Story


It’s been a ride to get to the point where blanc.m can finally flourish in the public eye. We love telling stories so we thought it would only be fair to share our story with you before you share yours with us. So this is our story.


Through the dreaded C word, online classes, the inevitable disconnect and the all-nighters, blanc.m came into existence. blanc.m in its essence has always existed but it wasn’t until the end of 2021 that a name could have been put to it. The first concept and vision were then established and would have initially been launched in 2022 but life quickly put a stop to that idea as it wasn’t the right time yet.


The owner and founder of blanc.m, Bianca Meyer, got the unique opportunity to work as an intern for one of South Africa’s top Afrikaans record labels, Coleske Artist Management & Afrikaans is Groot. There she worked under the talented guidance of Johan C Venter where she gained useful knowledge about social media marketing, live shows and of course the music industry. At the same time, Bianca also joined ETG Media (now ETG Creative) as an intern where she was mentored by Eric T Graham in everything from music videos to behind-the-scenes videos. These two internships went hand in hand as both companies frequently worked together. Later on in 2022, Bianca was also involved in the making of the social media content for Die Kontrak, an Afrikaans TV singing competition. The show’s producer reached out to her to film pieces of a few episodes and thus Bianca had her TV debut. 


2022 was a magical creative year for Bianca as she met and befriended several creative people in the film, television and music industries. She had incredible opportunities come her way and she gained more knowledge and experiences than she could have ever imagined when she first dreamt up blanc.m.


As 2023 progressed and Bianca was freelancing for a few companies she slowly came to realise that it was time for blanc.m to officially be established. A lot has changed since its initial concept and vision so the process of building the business from the ground up began. It was really important for Bianca to launch the company that she has been dreaming about for years on an important date and so blanc.m was introduced to the world on 09 August 2023, Women’s Day.


telling stories.